Operating in a transparent, ethical, and accountable manner is essential to a strong and sustainable sport for our dancers and event directors. The UCWDC operates with a system of checks and balances that give autonomy to our committees, while satisfying the objectives of our General Council.

This purposeful approach to governance has worked exceedingly well over the years, providing our Board of Directors, officers, and management team with the foundation to create long-term value.

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors has evolved with the growth of the organization, providing oversight to the General Council as we grow with an increasingly diverse dance family from around the world. We work to ensure that our policies and procedures effectively steward the organization and regularly evaluate those practices for consistency with the highest standards.

Much like our organizational operations, the strength of our Board of Directors is due in no small part to the diverse skills, talent and experience each member brings to the Board’s deliberations.

From the dance floor to the meeting table, our people have always been our greatest competitive advantage. The incredible strength of our team around the world enables us to assemble an exceptionally experienced team with decades of operational excellence and a shared, unwavering commitment to our dancers.

Keith Armbruster – President

Clive Eaton-Stevens – Vice President, Judge Certification

Beth Emerson – Vice President, Rules and Scoring Procedures

Shari Huggett-Milton – Treasurer

Noelle Linch – Secretary

Kathi Bittner – 1st Past President

Jeff Bartholemew – 2nd Past President (deceased)

Regional Representatives – Western Canada, Eastern Canada, Northeast United States, Southeast United States, Southwest United States, North Central (Midwest) United States, Pacific/Rocky Mountain United States, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Asia


UCWDC bylaws mandate three standing committees: Executive, Judge Certification, and Rules. The organization also has standing committees to assist the Council with a broader operational view: Financial Oversight, Media and Marketing, Strategic Planning, Sanctioning, Bylaw, Policies and Procedures, Associate Membership, Education, and Hall of Fame. Additionally, ad hoc committees are appointed to consider matters such as costuming, divisional structure, and other issues important to the Council and Organization.

UCWDC Committee Policy_V2

Policies and Procedures

Integrity at the heart of UCWDC operations around the world. Our reputation is upheld everyday by the ethical actions of our officers and directors. All members of the UCWDC team are expected to know and follow the policies relevant to their role, speak up, ask questions, and use good judgment.

Policies and Procedures establish the rules of conduct within our organization, outlining the responsibilities of Officers, Directors and Associate Members:

Financial Practices:

UCWDC Financial Practice No. 1 – Stipend Remittance_V4

UCWDC Financial Practice No. 2 – Reimbursement of Authorized Expenses_V1.1

UCWDC Financial Practice No. 3 – Annual Membership and Dollar-A-Dance Dues_V6

UCWDC Financial Practice No. 4 – Championships Finance Director and Finance Team_V3

UCWDC Financial Practice No. 5 – Progress Payments_V1

UCWDC Financial Practice No. 6 – Signature Authority for Contacts and Other Business Agreements_V2

UCWDC Financial Practice No. 7 – Cash Flow Management System_V2

UCWDC Financial Practice No. 8 – Gift, Entertainment and Travel_V1

Policies and Procedures:

UCWDC Associate Membership on Site Registration Procedure_V1

UCWDC Conflict-Duality of Interest Policy_V2

UCWDC Committee Policy_V2

UCWDC Country Dance World Championships Site Selection Policy_V2

UCWDC Country Dance World Championships Director Selection Policy_V1.1

UCWDC Data Privacy Policy_V1

UCWDC Director Change Policy_V3

UCWDC Document Retention Policy_V1

UCWDC Electoral Practices and Voting Policy_V2

UCWDC Electronic Meetings Procedure_V1

UCWDC Email Usage Policy_V3

UCWDC Ethics Complaint Process_V2

UCWDC Event Base Date Policy_V1.1

UCWDC Event Director Social Media Usage Policy_V1

UCWDC Event Hiatus-Cancellation Policy_V2

UCWDC Event Reporting Policy_V1

UCWDC General Policies_V4

UCWDC Hall of Fame Selection Procedure_V3

UCWDC Illicit Activity Policy_V1

UCWDC Incident Report Policy_V1

UCWDC Judge Certification Code of Conduct_V3

UCWDC Name and Logo Usage Policy_V2

UCWDC New Event Sanctioning Application Procedure_V3

UCWDC Official Observer Policy_V1

UCWDC Regional Representatives Policy_V2

UCWDC Related Members Policy_V1

UCWDC Respectful Community Policy_V1

UCWDC Safety Policy_V1

UCWDC Social Media Posting Policy_V1

UCWDC Whistleblower Policy_V1