The Country Dance World Championships is the annual season-ending finale hosted by the United Country Western Dance Council. The UCWDC is the sanctioning body for more than 30 competitive dance events around the world. Country dance competitors seeking to compete at Worlds must first qualify through a series of regional events

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The opportunities for competitive and social dance, workshops, and fun are endless. Below is a sample of what Worlds has to offer.


Worlds is the most prestigious Country dance competition of the year. Winners in each division earn the title of “World Champion.”

Line Dance

Line dancers from around the globe attend Worlds every January. Add the world-class choreographers that join us each year, and you have a line dance party like nowhere else!

Country Dance Hall Division

Dancers meet up nightly in several dedicated ballrooms for hours of dancing fun! Don’t miss the Country Dance Hall Division in the UC Corral! Sign up to dance!


Pick any Country dance style, and we have a workshop for it. From beginning to advanced levels, we have something for everyone!

Line Dance Instructors

West Coast Swing Instructors

Country Instructors

Dance Hall Instructors

Spectator Passes

Hundreds of people come to Worlds to cheer on their family and friends. Spectators can purchase passes online, which includes workshop options, or daily passes at the registration desk.

Social Dancing

Worlds is a major stop for social dance competitors. This is your chance to compete in two great social dances–Two Step and West Coast Swing–with partners from around North America and the World!