Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is the most prestigious award presented by the Council of the United Country Western Dance Council. Each year, Council members are asked to nominate an individual, couple, group or team who exemplifies a truly dynamic spirit, a person of admiration, and one who is worthy of this exemplary honor.

This award is bestowed upon someone who has contributed in ways that have changed or advanced the path of country dance, as we know it today. Someone who has achieved success yet is willing to share their gift of knowledge and talent with others. The UCWDC Hall of Fame recipient is carefully selected from a field of rare visionaries who have impacted the world of country dance by broadening horizons and breaking new ground.

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Dave Getty – 1995

Mike Haley – 1996

Barry Durrand – 1997

Jeff Bartholomew – 1998

Bill Robinson – 1999

Linda DeFord – 2000

Steve Zener – 2001

Kelly Gellette – 2002

Sue Boyd – 2003

Dorsey Napier – 2004

Dennis & Carol Waite – 2005

Sherry Tovell – 2006

Robert Royston – 2007

Tony Lee – 2008

Scott & Cheryl Lindberg – 2009

Jack & Debbie Paulhus – 2010

Larry & Laurie Sepulvado – 2011

Jo Thompson – 2012

Brigitte Zerah – 2013

Bob Bahrs – 2014

Jack & Sue Wagner – 2015

Tom Mattox – 2015

Dawn Garrish – 2016

Laureen Baldovi-Mason – 2016

Linda Hembre – 2016

Patti Miller – 2016

Sarah Bahrs – 2016

Brian Barakauskas – 2017

Buzzy & Kellie Hennigan – 2017

Steve Stevens – 2017

Grant Austin – 2018

John Robinson – 2018

Rhonda Shotts – 2018

Mona Broussasrd – 2019

Pedro Machado – 2019

Randy Shotts – 2019

Beth Emerson – 2020

Tony Gutsch & Yvonne (Gutsch) Benavidez-Wayne – 2020


Pioneers not only represent both events and Event Directors, but individuals, couples, groups or teams that have laid the foundations for the UCWDC in the early 1980’s and 1990’s. Each year the UCWDC recognizes the time, talents and efforts of these individuals or groups for their many contributions to the formation of Country and Line Dance as we know it today.

The first Events Sanctioned in 1990 and 1991:
Wine Country (Little Bit of Texas) – Dennis & Carol Waite
Sunshine State – Grant Austin
Peach State Country Dance Festival – Bill Robinson
Texas Classic – Larry and Laurie Sepulvado

The first Event Sanctioned outside the United States:
1992 – The Calgary Country Dance Stampede directed by Garry Nanninga

The first Event Sanctioned outside North America:
1993 – The British Dance Championships directed by Dick & Geneva Matteis

The first Event Sanctioned in Europe:
1994 – The European Dance Championships

Southwestern United States – honored in 2018
Michele Adams, Phil Adams, Don & Lia Boatman, Tracy & Pam Butler, Gloria Casey, Melody Cochran, David Conner & Veronica Trout-Caron, John Daugherty, Wayne & Debbie Edgin, Steve Freeman, Marcia Gray, Tony Gutsch & Yvonne Gutsch-Wayne, Michael Hunt, Tom Hyatt, Linda Infante, Rob Ingenthron, Richard Kear, Mark & Tiffiney Maxwell, Moe Padden-Singleton, Lou & Lura Posada

Southeastern United States – honored in 2019
Wayne & Yvonne Conover, Darlene Long-Crabtree, Clark & Debbie Fullbright, Jean Garr, Eddie Harper, Jeff & Mary Hill, John & Susan Hoffman, Vickie Vance-Rose, Earl & Lisa Strom, and Lisa West

Northeastern and Midwest United States – to be honored in 2020

South Central United States – to be honored in 2021

Pacific Northwest and Western Canada – to be honored in 2022

Europe – to be honored in 2023

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