Founding events and directors are those who produced events prior to the formal organization of the United Country Western Dance Council in 1989. These events served as role models for the many who would apply in the years that followed.

Founding Members Who Are Still Active Council Members
Jeff Bartholomew – Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Sue Boyd – Tallahassee, Florida
Dave Getty – Ft. Worth, Texas
Steve Zener – Fresno, California

Founding Members Who Are Now Director Emeritus
Linda DeFord – Tavers, Florida (held first eastern event in Knoxville, TN in 1984)
Russ Drollinger – Kentucky
Moe Padden – Sebastopol, California
Jack & Sue Wagner – Portland, Oregon
Mike Haley – Albuquerque, New Mexico
Barry Durand – Gaithersburg, Maryland
Dennis & Carol Waite – Berrien Springs, Michigan

Founding Members Who Have Left The Council
Glen Cymbaluk – Canada
Steve Freeman – Nevada (held first western event in Reno, Nevada in 1984)
Margaret Garner – Alabama
Dick & Sharon Johnson – Illinois
Mike Madden – Illinois
Tom Mattox, (deceased) – California
Lou & Lura Posada – California
Leona Shutte (deceased) – California
Bill (deceased) & Linda Siebe – Massachusetts
Lynn Hinkley Martinez – Las Vegas, Nevada
Dorsey Napier & Carol Fleming – Ohio

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