Judge Certification

Persons interested in becoming a certified UCWDC Judge, or with questions regarding the certification program and current judge pool should contact Clive Eaton-Stevens, Vice President of Judge Certification, at judgecertification@ucwdc.org. For more information, see the January 2024 Judge Certification Newsletter.

Contact Information for Judge Certification

If you have questions about the judge certification process, judges, or other items covered under judge certification, please contact Clive Eaton-Stevens, Vice President of Judge Certification at  judgecertification@ucwdc.org. Clive will respond to your email promptly.

If You Have a Complaint

UCWDC judges are held in high esteem and expected to act in the most professional manner. If you have a complaint, the UCWDC Judge Certification Committee responds to written complaint about a judge’s impartiality, conduct, or ethics. Complaints should be sent to judgecertification@ucwdc.org with any corresponding evidence including, but not limited to any record of judging marks, any video of the performances that correspond to these marks, and any testimony given.

All requests for review must follow the procedure outlined in the UCWDC Judge Certification Code of Conduct. For more information, please contact the VP Judge Certification at judgecertification@ucwdc.org.