European Open Championships Judges

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European Open Championships Highlights

The UCWDC loves to put on a big show and express our brand most fully. One of the biggest highlights at our European events and of course at the European Open Championships is our Superstar Show. Please welcome with us the Superstar and Master Dancers at the European Open Championships 2024:

Asbar                                  Giulia Anelli                       Vittorio Anelli    

David Appel                       Joachim Armbruster        Keith Armbruster          

Jana Bogaerts                    Zara Chanice Dunn          Giovanni Coenmans       

Rowdy DuFrene                 Clive Eaton-Stevens         Mallaurie Gysels

Roy Hadisabroto               Roy Hoeben                       An Jo Won        

Satu Ketellapper               Richard McMurrich          Fiona Murray     

Aprillia Munawarti           Gintare Norvile                 Shaun Parr

Barbara Seelt                     Nicole Wardell