Associate UCWDC Membership Registration

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Associate UCWDC Membership Information

Thank you for joining or renewing your UCWDC Associate Membership Program. Welcome to our dance family!

  • New members receive their UCWDC membership number via email shortly. Use this number when completing your event registrations.
  • Returning members, we are glad you are continuing your competition experience.

The mission of the UCWDC is to preserve and promote Country Western Dancing and Line Dancing as fun and healthful pursuits, social activities, art forms, and worldwide sports. We sincerely hope your participation will help us further that mission.

Your Associate Membership allows us to track your performance, your eligibility for the UCWDC Country Dance World Championships, and follow your advancement through each skill level. You will be added to our email list to receive updates from our semi-annual director’s meetings, rule changes, news, blogs!


Membership Benefits

  • First-Time Membership: for those who have never registered with the UCWDC and want to join our unique dance circuit.
    • We offer a one-time price of $5.00 USD.
    • This membership enables you to register to compete at regional events, qualify for the Country Dance World Championships, and track points toward advancement through each skill level.
  • Renewing Membership: for those who have been an Associate Member and need to renew for the new dance year.
    • Annual renewal cost is $35.00 USD.
    • If you don’t remember your Associate Member number, click on “Find Me”.
  • Local Event Membership
    If you want to compete at a local event and do not want to compete at UCWDC Country Dance World Championships.


    • Choose the Local Event Membership at $4.00 USD. To be eligible for this membership, you should never have been registered with another type of membership before in our organization.
    • You can purchase a Local Event membership for each local event you want to compete at during the same year .
    • With this membership you will get access to most of our benefit(s), but you will not be able to compete outside of your chosen event (don’t forget to indicate which event you would like to participate at when signing in), and you will not have qualifications for or be able to compete at the UCWDC World Championships.
    • You can renew this membership every year as long as you are doing local events only. If you wish to get access to the full membership the following year, you will have to register under the Renewing Membership (not first Time).
  • Team Membership: Each Team should register under a unique name to compete at regional events and the Country Dance World Championships.
    • Team members are not required to be an Associate Member to compete on a Team, unless you compete individually in another division.
    • For contact purposes, be sure to indicate the name of the Team Captain, or the person who will receive communications from the  UCWDC.

Membership Benefits



Point Championships Rules Updates Official Music List* Following Year Membership Choice
First Time × × × × × × × × Renewing
Renewing × × × × × × × × Renewing
Local Event × × × × × Local or Renewing
Team × × × × × × × × Team


We offer Adult and Junior Memberships (not applicable to Teams). A junior member is a person who will be less than 18 years old at the end of the membership period (January 15 of the following year). Junior memberships are available for first-time and renewing memberships. 


The UCWDC dance season starts on January 16th and finishes on January 15th of the following year.

The Membership time frame follows the same structure; however no matter when you register, all memberships expire on January 15th of the following year or the following year +1 for 2 years membership or the following year +2 for 3 years membership. 


For our recurring members, we can offer you an extra discount if you are renewing for multiple years.

Please note that for Junior Membership, of course multiple year are available, but you need to be less than 18 years old at the dance season end of the last year your membership.


All payments will be processed in US Dollars; you may by Credit Card or PayPal.

For any question or inquiries please contact our Associate Membership representative at