Social dancing at Worlds is the most outstanding dance experience you’ll find anywhere. The party begins every night by 9 PM in the UC Corral and the Blues Café!

Swing & Country Ballroom

The Swing & Country Ballroom will feature a mix of traditional and popular country tunes in the early evening. As the night goes on, West Coast Swing will take over the mix into the late night and early morning, but our DJ’s will take requests for all styles all night. No matter what music is playing, you’ll have the opportunity to dance with friends from around the world!

Line Dance Lobby

In the Line Dance Lobby, DJs will play the best of the past and present. Our dedicated Line Dance DJs will take your requests into the early morning hours.

Jack & Jill Contests

For our social competitors, we offer Two Step and West Coast Swing Jack & Jill contests. Check the tentative schedule for days and times.  Worlds is a Country Two Step Tour (CTST) and World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) member event, which means any points earned at Worlds will count toward graduation within those organizations. Register online or when you arrive at Worlds. You don’t have to be a prior member of CTST or WSDC to participate.

Open Role Competition

Kick off the New Year with ProAm, ProPro, and Couples non-sanctioned Open Role on Sunday, January 1, 2023! UCWDC Couples Rules apply, except that leader and follower may be either gender. Please note that leaders arerequired to wear a hat that complies with UCWDC rules.

Line Dance Choreography

Line dancers with a passion for creating new dances are invited to introduce their artistry at Worlds! Bring your creations to Worlds and test your new dances against other choreographers from all over the world!

Show Time (Cabaret)

Anything goes in this professional division, and it doesn’t have to be Country! Past entries have included professional West Coast Swing, Jazz, Theatre Arts, and Showdance numbers.

Contest Rules and Entry Requirements

If you’re interested in participating in any of these social dance contests, please review the contest rules.

Online registration is recommended!