The 29th consecutive Peach State Dance Festival is in the history books now.  The Event went well if I do say so myself.  All the competition was on time again this year.  That is due to our excellent competition staff including judges, mc, dj, contest coordinator, scoring, floor coordinators and the competitors themselves.  Peach State had over 2,600 dance entries in just UCWDC divisions.  More entries in Swing and Hustle and 8 Dance Championship. Thanks to everyone involved!

We had 74 hours of workshops again this year, many of them with over 80 dancers in them.  Peach State is proud of its workshop instructors, schedule and attendance, again Thanks.  The show went well and was standing room only.  The weather is usually good in Atlanta in March and this year was no exception.

We have been it the same Hotel for 26 years but this year it had an entirely different look.  They remodeled almost every aspect of the hotel.  Most people were pleased with the changes but some missed the indoor greenery of days gone by.  Because we were the first major group after they reopened there were a few glitches, mostly with restaurants.  We fixed some of this on the fly and made notes on others for next year.  Speaking of next year, we hope you can join us the third weekend in March (19th – 22nd) to celebrate our 30th Peach State!   The Hotel is already taking reservations.

Thanks to all who attended Peach State!  See you again in March!

Bill Robinson