A great smile, personality that matches the dance, detailed grooming all are important aspects of
competition but if your footwork is not pristine, it will put a damper on just about everything else! Let’s
take a closer look!
A house is only as strong as its’ foundation! When building a house, we dig deep to ensure the
foundation is solid and it will be strong! The judges are looking for a strong foundation which starts
from the floor and your footwork is the key. Great footwork is a lifetime goal! We are always working
to develop our footwork and use our feet and ankles correctly depending on the dance. It is never too
early or too late to include this important focus in your practice regiment!
Be sure to spend time with your teacher or coach and understand what is expected for footwork in each
dance! Understand why the footwork is done such a way and what you are trying to produce. Knowing
what result you are looking for from each foot action will help you to master this important aspect of
your dancing. Create drills for yourself (or ask your teacher to) so you can strengthen your feet and
enhance your footwork. The great thing about improving footwork is you can work on it by yourself.
Excellent footwork will enhance your dancing because it will help your balance, weight changes,
posture, timing, rhythm, motion as well execute the dance you are doing correctly. All of the just
mentioned items are what the judges are looking for. If the judge sees an attempt of good footwork in
newcomer/division 4 that is a plus, by novice/division 3 the judge should be seeing correct foot
placement, as we move to the upper levels the judges are expecting to see the development of the feet
and the connection between your footwork and your movement.
Footwork is one of the most important elements of obtaining a great score from a judge. Couple that
with other essential aspects of dance and you are on your way to success!

Kind Regards,

Kathy St. Jean
UCWDC VP Judge Certification

w: www.ucwdc.org                    p: 401.474.3434                e: judgecertification@ucwdc.org