New Motions are coming!
This year we introduced Samba as our newest motion and it has been well received by the dancers! As our competition Line Dancesport has evolved from country to social to a Dancesport form, so must we evolve and offer new motions.
Our competitors come from all over the world and Dancesport training is available world wide. We are now starting to get an influx of Dancesport competitors. As we all know it is very difficult for everyone to find a partner and Line Dancesport gives everyone a chance to dance their favorite dances without a partner.
Therefore, each year will will introduce a new motion into our rotation. We have many exciting dances to try such as Foxtrot, Jive, Viennese Waltz, Rumba and so on. We will offer a tutorial video that will demonstrate the basics of the dance.
Our judge certification committee will of course offer training and education on
these dances to our judges.

New countries are coming!
Line dance in China, Indonesia & South Africa is booming and we are hoping to have an influx of new line dance competitors soon. We are in discussions with several other countries that have show interest.
Exciting times are ahead for our sport! I am always travelling to USA, Europe, South Africa & Asia to make sure I understand the market differences in our sport. I am a part of the UCWDC rules committee & UCWDC judge certification committee and attend the council meeting to represent line dance.
As your line dance chairman, I am always available for questions and feedback and many of you have contacted me. I am always happy to hear your suggestions, so please do not hesitate to email me

Kind Regards,

Clive Eaton-Stevens
UCWDC Line Dance Committee Chair

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