There are so many talented dancers that have been a part of the UCWDC over the years in both
couples and line dancing genres. However, there is a part of our recent history that not many
people know. There is a small, select group of exceptional dancers that belong in our history
We all know that Masters is the top professional division for couples and Superstars is the top
professional division for line dance. There are a few people that have made it to both, and
considering these genres require vastly different skill sets and training, it’s an accomplishment
that cannot go unrewarded.
Here is a list of those dancers, and some that have truly made history……
• First person to make it into both Masters & Superstars – Mona Brandt, USA
• First male to make it into both Masters & Superstars – Clive Stevens, UK
• The only couple ever to win both Masters & Superstars (and win both at the same World
Championships) – Clive Stevens & Emily Drinkall, UK

Dancers who have won both Masters & Superstars:
Emily Drinkall UK/USA
Clive Stevens UK/USA
Rachael McEnaney UK/USA
Bernadette Carmichael UK/USA
Satu Ketellapper NL

Dancers that made it into both Masters & Superstars:
Lee Easton UK (Superstar World Champion)
Fabienne Henshall UK (Superstar World Champion)
Christy Kam USA (Div 1 Couples, Classic & Showcase Line at same World Championships)
Brian Barakauskas USA (Superstar World Champion)
Shaun Parr UK/BE
Mallaurie Gysels BE
Linus Backstrom UK/QA (Superstar World Champion)
Siobhan Dunn UK/QA (Superstar World Champion)

Only 14 elite dancers in the history of the UCWDC have attained this status, who will be the

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Clive Eaton-Stevens
UCWDC Line Dance Committee Chair

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