July 2021 – Country Dance World Championships Qualifiers Update


Hello Dancers!

This is a challenging Dance Season for all of us. We hope all of you are dancing this year wherever you can do so safely!  We are incredibly happy that we can offer the Country Dance World Championships (Worlds) in January 2022, in Orlando, Florida. As many of you already know, the UCWDC reduced the number of events needed to be eligible for the Country Dance World Championships earlier this year.  As the year has progressed, we have continued to monitor the situation around the world.  Unfortunately, in many countries, our Regional Events have not been able to return this year.  Because of this, we are modifying our eligibility requirements further.  For 2021 only, any country that does not have a regional event held this Dance Season (2021) will not be required to attend any regional events to be eligible for the World Championships in January, 2022.  Please, if possible, support those events that can be held.  As we know, every region is different, and we hope all of you keep dancing!

Here is a summary by region of the number of events required for Worlds Eligibility for a competitor in 2021:

United States 2
Eastern Canada 0
Western Canada 0
Lithuania 1
Europe (except Lithuania) 0
Asia 0
South Africa 1
Africa (except South Africa) 0
All Juniors (where more than 1 is required) 1

These requirements will continue to be re-evaluated as the year progresses. If you need more details or have further eligibility questions, feel free to contact me at rules@ucwdc.org.

Stay Safe and Happy Dancing!

Kind Regards,

Beth Emerson


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