Newcomer IV

  1. Hesitations
    1. Hesitations Left and Right (Starter Step)
    2. Balance Steps with Follower’s Right Underarm Turn (Starter Step)
  2. Box Step and Change Steps
    1. Full Box Step
    2. Forward Change Steps
  3. Box and Follower’s Right (Outside) Underarm Turn (recommended in corner)
  4. Face-to-Face, Back-to-Back (Pattycakes)
  5. Quarter Turns on Diagonal – Right then Left
  6. Right (Natural) 3/8 Turn
  7. Left (Reverse) 3/8 Turn
  8. Simple Twinkle
  9. Turning Twinkle – Left and Right
  10. Progressive Outside Partner Twinkles

Waltz Newcomer IV Sample Amalgamation

Newcomer III

  1. Open Twinkle with Closed Ending
  2. Spirals
    1. With Closed Ending
    2. In Open Hand Hold with Closed Ending
  3. Open Twinkle to Promenade Chassé with Closed Ending
  4. Weave from Promenade with Closed Ending
  5. Toss Across (Flip-flops, or Alternating Passing Twinkles) with Closed Ending
  6. Back Twinkle with Closed Ending
  7. Right (Natural) Spin turn with Closed Ending
  8. Open Left Box (Reverse) with Closed Ending
  9. Open Right (Natural) Turn (from Promenade Position-Triple Twinkle) with Closed Ending
  10. Open Right (Natural) Turn with Follower’s Right (Outside) Turn with Closed Ending
  11. Open Left (Reverse) turn with Follower’s Left (Inside) Turn

Waltz Newcomer III Sample Amalgamation


Newcomer II

  1. Open check to Face-to-Face, Back-to-Back (Pattycakes)
    1. With Underarm Turn Ending
    2. With Free spin Ending
  2. Spiral Turn with Developé Ending
  3. Open Right (natural) to Chassé and Follower’s Right turn
    1. With Twinkle Connection
    2. With Developé Ending
  4. Hairpin from Left (Reverse) Turn
  5. Curved Feather from Promenade
  6. Twinkle to Shadow Position
  7. Open Left (Reverse) Turn to Shadow Position
  8. Streamline and Feather in Shadow
  9. Spirals in shadow
  10. Right (Natural) Turn in Shadow
  11. Left (Reverse) Turn in Shadow

Waltz Newcomer II Sample Amalgamation

Exert from ‘UCWDC Judge Certification “Standards” for Couples Dance

Waltz 3/4 Time
• A progressive dance where stationary posing is reserved for phrase endings.
• Rise & Fall is a primary characteristic.
• Swing & Sway creates movement that displays the inclination of the body which is essential.
• Fluid changes of speed, no harsh movements.
• Shaped turns, with collection, hover, and use of diagonals.
• Connection: Dependent on figure or choreography danced.
• Signature Figures: Diagonals (Zigzags), Streamlines, Pairs Rotations.
• Look is elegant, formal, and regal with a sophisticated feeling.