October 14, 2021

To our Valued Associate Membership,
We are excited to announce new opportunities in an enhanced and expanded syllabus program.
Beginning with the 2022 dance season, the Closed Syllabus divisions will provide a consistent platform for both brand new dancers and those individuals who enjoy using standard figures as opposed to learning choreography.
The Closed Syllabus dance categories will use identified figures and variations in a guided, developmental sequence of increasing skill and knowledge. Closed Syllabus, like our current divisions, will offer overall awards, age categories, 90-second length, and World Titles.
Our new Syllabus A will focus on basic foundational figures and Syllabus B will be a continuation of the basics. Syllabus C and D will advance to the next tier with more advanced figures, concepts, and amalgamations. We will roll out the expanded syllabus division over the course of the next two dance seasons.
We will also present a UCWDC Closed Syllabus Movement Allowances and Limitations document which will provide a clear list of what is allowed and what is not at each syllabus level. This addendum will enable instructors and dancers to use syllabus figures presented in non-UCWDC syllabi if they adhere to these defined movements and expectations.
The UCWDC will unveil the new beginner Syllabus levels in January 2022. Free access to the Official UCWDC Syllabus will be available early 2022. There will be a straightforward video of each figure.
As the premier country dance organization, the UCWDC is committed to promoting growth of our dance sport by providing through education and competition opportunities. The UCWDC syllabus provides a platform for our educational efforts and will be used as the base for teacher training around the world.
We hope you will let your friends know about this new opportunity to explore country dance and join us on the UCWDC competition circuit.
Rules, Judge Certification and Education Committees

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