UCWDC East Coast Swing Newcomer IV, III, II (PDF)

East Coast Swing Newcomer IV

  1. Six Count Basic: Closed to Open and Return to Closed
    a. Single Time
    b. Triple Time
  1. Left Rotating Basic
  2. Right Rotating Basic
  3. Throw-out and Follower’s Left Underarm Return
  4. Follower’s Right and Left Underarm Turns with Optional Hand Change
  5. Tuck Turns with Optional Hand Change
  6. Wrap (Cuddle) with Unwind or Release
  7. Leader’s Left Turn and Follow’s Left Turn with Optional Belt Loop Variations

Newcomer IV Sample Amalgamation

East Coast Swing Newcomer III

  1. Alternating Left (inside) Turns (Trailing Turns)
  2. Follower/Leader Underarm Turns (She/He Turns)
  3. Peek-a-boo (Shoulder Check, Stop and Go)
  4. Sliding Doors
    a. Right-to-Right Hand Hold
    b. Left-to-Right Hand Hold
  5. Hammerlock with Unwind or Leader’s Left Turn Ending
  6. Rotating Sugar Push with Optional Double Arm Slide (Bowtie) Ending
  7. Double Face Loop

Newcomer III Sample Amalgamation

East Coast Swing Newcomer II

  1. Shoulder Taps
    a. Continuous Shoulder Taps with Follower’s Right Free Spin Exit
    b. Shoulder Taps with Follower’s Walk, Walk Left (Inside) Turn and Free spin Exit
  1. Continuous Rotating Basic (Walk, Walk Rotation)
  2. Tuck with Dual Free Spins
  3. Tuck with Follower’s Right Double Turn
  4. Continuous Tuck with Open Rock
    a. With Follower’s Right Single Turn
    b. With Follower’s Double Turns
  5. Fallaway Back Walks and Points (Kansas City)
  6. Lindy Basic (Whip, Rotating Basic with Pivot)
    a. In Closed with Release 
    b. In Wheel Position
  7. Double Face Loop with Leader’s Side Break
    a. With Throw-out
    b. With Follow’s Left 1½ Turn

Newcomer II Sample Amalgamation

Excerpt from ‘Standards For Partnership Dance
East Coast Swing 4/4 Time
• A stationary dance that refrains from traveling too much.
• Pulsed rhythm.
• Motion is semi-cuban.
• Connection: Use of compression and extension
• Signature Figures: Passes, Lindy Patterns (8-count), Partner Rotations.
• Look is energetic and fun.

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