These results have been compiled using previous Worlds programs and reported results. If you have additional information to contribute or an error to report, please email

YearDatesLocationVenueDirectorUCWDC PresidentResults
19931/1/1993-1/4/1993Nashville, TNStouffer Hotel, Crown RoyalMike HaleyJeff Bartholomew1993-2009 Masters
199412/30/1993 – 1/6/1994?Nashville, TNNashville Convention CenterSteve ZenerJeff Bartholomew
19951/5/1995-1/8/1995Anaheim, CADisneyland HotelSteve ZenerJeff Bartholomew
19961/4/1996 – 1/7/1996Nashville, TNSteve ZenerJeff Bartholomew
19971/9/1997 – 1/12/1997Anaheim, CADisneyland HotelSteve ZenerJeff Bartholomew
19981/7/1998 – 1/11/1998Nashville, TNNashville Convention CenterMike HaleyJeff Bartholomew
199912/30/1998 – 1/3/1999San Antonio, TXRiverwalk HotelMike HaleyJeff Bartholomew
20001/5/2000 – 1/9/2000Nashville, TNNashville Convention CenterMike HaleySherry Tovell
20011/3/2001 – 1/8/2001Edmonton Alberta CanadaBob BahrsSherry Tovell
200212/29/2001 – 1/6/2002Veldhoven, NetherlandsGolden Tulip Conference HotelHerman FalkenbergSherry Tovell
200312/31/2002 – 1/6/2003Nashville, TNOpryland HotelAnthony LeeSteve Zener
200412/31/2003 – 1/6/2004Nashville, TNOpryland HotelAnthony LeeSteve Zener
20051/11/2005 – 1/16/2005Nashville, TNOpryland HotelAnthony LeeSteve Zener
North American Championships12/6/2005 – 12/11/2005Las Vegas, NV
200612/28/2005 – 1/5/2006Stockholm, Sweden
200712/31/2006 – 1/7/2007Nashville, TNOpryland HotelAnthony LeeJeff Bartholomew
2008Nashville, TN
200912/29/2008 – 1/4/2009Orlando, FLDisney Coronado Springs ResortAnthony LeeJeff Bartholomew
20101/4/2010 – 1/11/2010Nashville, TNGaylord Opryland HotelAnthony LeeKathi Bittner2010
20111/3 – 1/9/2011Nashville, TNGaylord Opryland HotelAnthony LeeKathi Bittner2011
201212/30/2011 – 1/7/2012Orlando, FLDisney Coronado Springs ResortAnthony LeeKathi Bittner2012
201312/31/2012 – 1/6/2013Nashville, TNGaylord Opryland HotelRandy ShottsKathi Bittner2013
201412/30/2013- 1/5/2014Nashville, TNGaylord Opryland HotelRandy ShottsKathi Bittner2014
201512/28/2014- 1/4/2015Orlando, FLDisney’s Coronado Springs ResortRandy ShottsKathi Bittner2015
20161/4/2016 – 1/10/2016Nashville, TNGaylord Opryland HotelRandy ShottsKathi Bittner2016
20171/1/2017-1/7/2017Nashville, TNGaylord Opryland HotelRandy ShottsKathi Bittner2017
201812/31/2017 – 1/7/2018San Francisco, CAHyatt Regency SF AirportRandy ShottsKeith Armbruster2018
201912/30/2018 – 1/6/2019Nashville, TNGaylord Opryland HotelRandy ShottsKeith Armbruster2019
202012/29/2019 – 1/5/2020Nashville, TNGaylord Opryland HotelRandy ShottsKeith Armbruster2020
2021Cancelled due to COVIDSan Antonio, TXHyatt Regency Hill CountryAnthony LeeKeith ArmbrusterN/A
20221/2/2022 – 1/9/2022Orlando, FLRosen CentreAnthony LeeKeith Armbruster2022
20231/1/ 2023 – 1/8/2023Phoenix, AZPhoenix Grand Hotel and SpaAnthony LeeKeith Armbruster2023
202412/31/2023– 1/7/2024Dallas, TXOmni Hotels & ResortsAnthony LeeKeith Armbruster
202512/29/2024 – 1/5/2025Orlando, FLRosen CentreAnthony LeeKeith Armbruster