UCWDC Cha Cha Newcomer IV, III and II

Cha Cha Newcomer IV

  1. Side Basic
  2. Progressive Basic
  3. Time Step
  4. Fifth Position Breaks (Fall Aways, Hand-to-Hand)
  5. Crossover Breaks (New York)
  6. Outside Partner (Parallel, Shoulder to Shoulder) Breaks
    1. Closed Position
    2. Open Position
  7. Cross Body Lead
    1. With Closed Ending
    2. With Progressive Ending
    3. With Progressive Lock Step Ending
  8. Open Break, Follower’s Right Underarm Turn
  9. Walk Around Turns (Apart Turns, Spot Turns)
  10. Alternating Underarm Turns

Cha Cha Newcomer IV Sample Amalgamation


Cha Cha Newcomer III

  1. Progressive Chase Turns
  2. Right Side Pass with Follower’s Left Underarm Turn (Hockey Stick)
  3. Shoulder Checks (Peek-a-Boo, Stop and Go)
  4. Sweetheart (Cape) Breaks (Sweetheart Switch)
  5. Alternating Progressive Underarm Turns
  6. Alternating Crossover/Fallaway (Butterfly)
  7. Back Spot Turn

Newcomer III Sample Amalgamation


Cha Cha Newcomer II

  1. Three Cha Cha’s Forward and Back (Triple Cha Cha’s)
  2. Cross Body Lead with Follower’s Left 1¾ Turn
    1. Left-to-Right Hand Hold
    2. Right-to-Right Hand Hold
  3. Crossover Variation: Three Cha Cha’s
  4. Open Box
  5. Sliding Doors
  6. Cross Body Pull Back (Check and Pop)
  7. Paseo (Crossover Flick to Side Break)
    1. With Basic Timing
    2. With In-Place, Point (&2 3 Timing) and Dual Turn Ending

Newcomer II Amalgamation