August 23, 2021
Re: Line Dance Competition & the Covid-19 Situation

Dear Dance Family,

We have been closely monitoring the current situation world wide.  With all in person events being cancelled in Europe and Asia for the 2021 Dance Season, we have come to a decision regarding line dance competition for 2022.

Recently we sent out a survey to poll all line dance competitors on whether we should change the classic line dances for the 2022 dance season.  The results of the poll were evenly split.  After much discussion with the line dance committee, choreographers and key members of the council, the decision has been made not to change the classic dances or the showcase music for the 2022 dance season.

With the continuing uncertainty of the global pandemic and the fact that so many dancers have taken the time to learn the dances, pay for choreography, take lessons on the current dances and not been able to compete them, it is the right thing to do for our customers.  We understand that in some countries some competitors may have already competed these dances and would like new ones, but in the interest of fairness to all we have reached this decision.

We will, however, take this time to clean up any step sheets, videos and music for the current dances, begin our work on the 2023 season dances and endeavor to have an even better product ready to begin the next dance season.  We will be releasing the new classic dances for 2023 in October 2022 and they will be taught at the UCWDC Country Dance World Championships in 2023. They will all be in effect starting the last day of Words 2023.  This means that all new dances will be danced at the first events of the year (Tulip Challenge & Peach State).  This gives all competitors 6 months to learn and train on the new dances.

The current showcase music will remain in effect also until 2023.  The cuban, street and stage showcase music will change as per our release schedule in 2023.  The website will be updated with new release dates.

I would like to thank the UCWDC line dance family for supporting each other in these difficult times and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Kind Regards,

Clive Eaton-Stevens

UCWDC Line Dance Committee Chair

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