General Line Dance Schedule:

Line Dance Lobby (Sonaran Sky Ballroom 3)
Monday, January 2Open DancingLine ClassOpen DancingLine Class
Tuesday, January 3Line ClassOpen DancingLine ClassOpen Dancing
Wednesday, January 4Line DanceOpen DancingLine DanceLine DanceOpen Dancing
Thursday, January 5Line DanceOpen DancingLunch / OpenLine DanceLine DanceOpen DancingLine Dance
Friday, January 6OpenDancingLine DanceLunch / OpenLine DanceLine DanceOpen DancingOpen
Saturday, January 7Line DanceOpen DancingLunch / OpenLine DanceOpen DancingLine DanceLine Dance

Individual Workshop tickets available for $10 each
Coming Soon! 2023 UCWDC Line Dance Demos Schedule!

What passes are available?
Passes can be purchased online through the end of December and onsite the week of Worlds.

Ticket TypePrice USD
6-Day Event Pass including all paid workshops219.00
6-Day Event Pass for Juniors (17 & under) including all paid workshops110.00
6-Day Event Pass (Excludes paid Workshops)169.00
6-Day Event Pass for Juniors (17 & under; Excludes paid Workshops)85.00
3-Day Event Pass including all paid workshops (12pm Thursday thru Sunday)159.00
3-Day Event Pass for Juniors (17 & under) includes all paid workshops (12pm Thurs thru Sun)80.00
3-Day Event Pass (12pm Thursday thru Sunday – Excludes paid Workshops)129.00
3-Day Event Pass for Juniors (17 & under; 12pm Thurs thru Sunday – Excludes paid Workshops)65.00
1-Day/Night Pass (Includes paid Workshops)               Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu65.00
1-Day/Night Pass (Includes paid Workshops)                Fri, Sat70.00
1-Day/Night Pass (Excludes paid Workshops)              Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu50.00
1-Day/Night Pass (Excludes paid Workshops)              Fri, Sat55.00