Yes it’s called a dance competition! But there is SO much more to it!

  • Dance events are a great place for continued learning. Talented dance professionals concentrated in one hotel for a whole weekend equals a great opportunity to take workshop or a private lesson! Every event has the workshop schedule posted on their website! Check it out!
  • SOCIAL DANCING! The country circuit is known for its social dancing. Most of the time there is a dedicated swing room, line dance room and the main ballroom DJ plays all dances! You can dance until the early morning hours and only have to take an elevator to your room.
  • Competitive dancers loooooove having someone to smile at! All the hard work at dance lessons and practice should not be wasted on an empty chair. Sit in the ballroom and cheer! Audience participation counts.
  • Events love their volunteers! There are so many jobs that need helping hands. So if you can tear yourself away from the action there are plenty of opportunities to support your dance community by volunteering at events. Here’s an example from Worlds:


Hope to see you at an event soon!

Jennifer Allen Egl is the UCWDC Media and Marketing Chair and Event Director for MidAtlantic Dance Classic. When not wearing competition sparkles, Jennifer works as a Large Market Benefits Consultant and a freelance sports photographer. She also keeps busy raising two fabulously photogenic children who refuse to learn to dance.