Toby Munroe first stepped on the competition floor in 1990 at the Portland Dance Festival. The magical dinner show performances inspired him to join the workshops the next day. When he arrived home in Calgary, he started his dance obsession, diving into weekly group classes, attending social dances, and endlessly studying VHS videos. Just a year later, Toby had a partner and choreographed their Waltz, Two-Step, and WCS routines. The new partnership debuted winning their first Junior Division title.

Over the next several years, Toby competed in the Junior Teen division, winning numerous regional events, and placing 2nd at the first-ever UCWDC Country Dance World Championships. From there, it was on to Division IV and III before relocating to California in the summer of 1995. There, he teamed with Lorrie Bradshaw and they quickly moved up through the ranks of both Country and Swing circuits. They made their UCWDC Masters debut in 1998. During this same time, Toby earned his UCWDC Master Judge Certification and travelled extensively competing, judging, choreographing, and sharing his enthusiasm for Country dancesport.

Toby moved to Colorado in 2000 and soon partnered with Kristin Geil. Together, they earned the title of 2004 and 2005 Classic Masters World Champions. Toby also met the love of his life, Harmony Lyris. Toby and Harmony made their first UCWDC appearance in 2007. After a few seasons, and with a new family on the horizon, they retired from competition to focus on their family while continuing to produce stunning show routines.

Through the years, Toby’s passion for dance is surpassed only by love for his family, and the many unique, awe-inspiring show dances that he and Harmony created. Still, Toby is, and always will be, a student of dance.