They met, they danced, they broke up, went separate directions, and danced again. Their journey began in 1996 when Ronnie was old enough to dance at a local bar and Brandi was there with a fake ID, but it wasn’t their time. Several years later, with more life and dance experience, they met again, they danced, and it was magical.

On the UCWDC circuit, they share seven Masters World titles, several Showtime and Cabaret titles, and many other honors. Off the competition floor, they danced on stage and film, performed on “Good Morning America,” competed in the “TNN Dance Invitational,” and choreographed for “So You Think you Can Dance.”

Even with these highlights, their greatest accomplishments are off the dance floor. Brandi, with her husband Rogan, are raising two children, Dylan and Piper. Ronnie and his husband, Neal are raising two children, Nicholas and Rylie. Each of their kids know Ronnie and Brandi as “uncle” and “aunt,” respectively. Now, with separate goals and careers, their competitive partnership is in the rear-view mirror, but their friendship is as strong as ever. They began as dance partners but continue as friends and family.