In 1986, a co-worker talked Rhonda into attending his weekly line dance class and she was hooked! Not long afterward, she met Randy Shotts and together they began taking lessons from Phil Adams and dancing with his teams Country Gold and Sizzlin’ Country. They also began dancing in the UCWDC couples divisions and moved up the ranks to the Masters Division by 1991. Also during this time, they danced on the original Worlds Championship team, the Midnight Cowboys. After moving to Portland in 1991, Rhonda became the editor of the Northwest C/W Dance Association newsletter, and she was instrumental in the formation and operation of the Portland Swing Dance Club. In 1998, she and Randy became directors of the Portland Dance Festival. In 1999, Rhonda became the first UCWDC Line Dance Coordinator and was instrumental in developing the program. Rhonda has also been active on the UCWDC Board of Directors as the Ethics Committee Chairperson and the Northwest Representative.