Randy began dancing in 1988 when he enrolled in beginning two step classes at the local Parks & Rec in Los Angeles, California. There he met his future dance partner and wife Rhonda Shotts. Even though they were both beginners, they partnered up and began taking private lessons and competing at UCWDC dance events. They moved quickly through the lower divisions, then on to the Masters Division in 1991. During this time, they were also active in teams competition and spent two years performing with “Sizzlin’ Country”, then another three years with the Worlds 1 and 2 team champions, “The Midnight Cowboys”. Randy became co-director of the Portland Dance Festival in 1998. He served two years as the UCWDC Business Team chairman where he led the movement to put into writing the organization’s policies, procedures, job descriptions, and other internal documents. Randy was the Worlds director from 2011 to 2020, and he was the manager of the Country Two Step Tour from 2012 to 2020.