Carmen Scarborough-Goodman was proficient across several dance genres long before she reached the pinnacle of the Country dance world. She owned two dance studios in the Houston area and was the event director of separate Country and Ballroom events—the Summer Classic and the Holiday Classic. She and her first professional Country dance partners—Hall of Fame member Grant Austin and Red Draper—were the most successful Country competition couples in Texas during their partnerships.

In 1995, she judged and competed with her students at the Texas Classic. In 1999, she and Sloane Hansen won the Classic Open Division I and were voted Most Popular Competition Couple. In 2000, they went on to win the Champions Division, which became Classic Masters.

Drawing from several dance styles, Carmen effectively combined her training and experience teaching her own students, coaching numerous professionals, and choreographing skillful, energetic performances. She is a masterful technician with a fiercely inspiring spirit. She walked with many of her students to the top of the stand at many events, and some of those students won World Championships. Her influence continues to inspire current and former students in their own dance careers. Many of those students often join her at the judge’s table.

Next to these achievements, she has been most honored fulfilling the wishes of several terminally ill patients who asked to dance with her in their closing days. For them—and her—it was an experience that brought joy and comfort. And her joy for life, and dance, and any endeavor, is what everyone remembers after meeting or working with Carmen.