2023 Line Dance Information
All new 2023 CLASSIC DANCES are in effect at the conclusion of Worlds January 8, 2023. ALL new dances will be used beginning with the first events of the year, Tulip Challenge and Peach State. We will return to our usual rotation schedule in 2024, as listed below.
Three SHOWCASE DANCES – Cuban, Street & Stage – will also change in 2023. Showcase Cuban (Cha-Cha) will change in April 2023, Showcase Street (Dancehall) in June 2023 and Showcase Stage (Lindy) in August 2023.
The Showcase Rise & Fall, Pulse & Smooth will change in 2024 as noted below in red.

March 2024
Novice Rise & Fall
Intermediate Rise & Fall Advanced
Rise & Fall Primary Pulse (Samba)

April 2024
Newcomer Pulse (Samba)
Novice Pulse (Samba)
Intermediate Pulse (Samba)
Advanced Pulse (Samba)
Crown A (East Coast Swing)
Superstar A (East Coast Swing)
Showcase Rise & Fall

May 2024
Newcomer Street Primary
Street Novice Street
Intermediate Smooth (West Coast Swing)
Advanced Smooth (West Coast Swing)

June 2024
Primary Cuban Newcomer Cuban
Novice Cuban Intermediate
Cuban Advanced Cuban
Crown B (West Coast Swing)
Superstar B (West Coast Swing)
Showcase Pulse

July 2024
Newcomer Stage
Novice Stage
Intermediate Stage
Advanced Stage

August 2024
Intermediate Street Advanced Street
Showcase Smooth

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