Welcome to the 2020 dance season!


Fellow line dancers – Welcome to the 2020 dance season! 

With long anticipation, we will be posting the 2020 dances this week. www.ucwdc.org You may notice there are some missing dances as we are going through our final edit before releasing. As well, the new Showcase Rise & Fall this year has both a male and female edit and will be posted with a release date of April 10th due to the later release.

As a reminder both Pulse & Smooth will change during the year, but Street & Stage will not.

Also, in response to your requests, we have been able to accommodate age division movement options for some of the more difficult moves in many of the upper division dances. Primary Newcomer dancers (under 9 years old) once again have their own dances.

As a reminder, the Classic Dances have a staggered release date throughout the year due to many of our dancers that remain in the same division then do not have to learn a completely new set of dances. We understand that those of you who graduate do have to possibly learn two sets of dances throughout the year.

If you have feedback, please feel free to contact myself at linedance@ucwdc.org. We are happy to receive your feedback to make our DanceSport the best it can be!

Best wishes for a fantastic dance season.

Kind Regards,

Clive Eaton-Stevens
UCWDC Line Dance Committee Chair

w: www.ucwdc.org                                                  p: +44 7742.428872                                         e: linedance@ucwdc.org