Give Em’ What They Want! The Judges That Is!

It is a known fact; major companies spend countless dollars and time researching to find out what their
customer(s) want. Applying this important information to their product helps to insure it will be a
market success!
So how does this analogy apply to dance which is an art form? Every dancer is unique! Dancing maybe
something inherent in our makeup or it may be a challenge that we are passionate about developing. No
matter where you fall in the spectrum you must give the judges what they are looking for! Under those
beautiful costumes, cool choreography, the vanilla in line dance and the list goes on, judges must see
the character of each dance as well as outstanding performance of dance fundamentals. It is every
competitor’s duty to seek out and find what fundamentals of movement need to be present in their
dancing in order to attain the highest medal possible! Your professional instructor/coach is certainly
your main go to source, however lesson time goes quickly so here is where you can do that “market
research” and go that extra mile “give em” what they want!
UCWDC judges use the fundamental curriculum to help aid in assessing a medal grade. The UCWDC
offers fundamental classes at some events as well as private classes to individuals (can be done on
Skype) or private group classes with UCWDC educators. Taking this class will help you understand and
have an overall view of the fundamentals of dance each judge need to see in your dancing. Whether it
is learning about turn technique or essential body actions needed for each dance you will be adding
important knowledge that you can intertwine in your competition material. Obviously, the class alone
does not guarantee success, your private teacher will help you understand how to incorporate these
concepts into your dancing and make sure you are practicing correctly. Chances are your instructor is
already working on these things, but it might help to hear in a class environment opposed to a dance
lesson. You may even find something new to work on! Give it a try and possibly in the future when you
are out on the floor a judge may feel your footwork, frame, etc. sets you apart from your fellow dancers.
Social dancers, don’t feel left out. All of these elements make for a great social dancer! Basic
fundamentals are for everyone! Work on your fundamentals and you will be a partner in demand! Who
knows, one day you might decide to compete and you will already be on your way! No matter what
level, no matter whether you compete many times a year or once, no matter how long you have been
dancing we recommend taking these classes! There are three levels: (1) Fundamentals: The Dances, (2)
Fundamental A, (3) Fundamental B. Please contact and we will be happy
to provide you with any information you may need about these classes.

Kind Regards,

Kathy St. Jean
UCWDC VP Judge Certification

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