Pantyhose’ versus ‘Dance Tights’ and yes they are required for Ladies!

d. Hose (tights) and dance pants (shorts) for women, if either are revealed during the dance performance.
Current 2017-2019 Rules

Names have been changed to protect the innocent… Newcomer dancer Jane is ready to compete for the first time. Jane’s pro tells her she has to wear tights and some kind of dance wear with no bling. Competition day arrives and Jane is all dressed up in her stretchy clothes and pantyhose. Yes. Pantyhose. SUPPORT PANTYHOSE (with the lines!) With a look of concern a dance mom tells her – ‘Honey, you need dance tights not hose you wear to the office’. Jane rushes to the vendor area and the only tights she can find are glittery, shiny, slightly orange, 1990s aerobic Jane Fonda tights. She shrugs her shoulders and puts on the offending dance tights…

The general rules of thumb for dance tights:

  • Always bring an extra pair!
  • Wear a color close to your skin tone.
  • Matte dance tights are durable and have good stretch.
  • Fishnet tights can be worn alone or over matte dance tights for extra support. Grades range from super soft to professional grade!

Soft vs Professional
*Soft fishnets with no cloth foot bottom example: Body Wrappers A61 Adult Seamless Fishnet Tights = easier to rip but don’t leave divots on your legs!
*Professional heavy gauge fishnet tight has a sewn-on matching cloth foot bottom and lined gusset for comfort and protection. Example: Capezio Adult Professional Fishnet Tights. Your legs will look crazy for a couple hours after but they are virtually indestructible. Tell people you are part mermaid!
*If you have a brand you love then leave the info in the comments field! Thank you!

Super-secret tip! You can cut slits in the waist band to avoid the crease at the waist! Some ladies cut the whole waist band off but that might mean you can only wear that pair once!

Jennifer Allen Egl is the UCWDC Media and Marketing Chair and Event Director for MidAtlantic Dance Classic. When not wearing competition sparkles, Jennifer works as a Large Market Benefits Consultant and a freelance sports photographer. She also keeps busy raising two fabulously photogenic children who refuse to learn to dance.