On behalf of the UCWDC Judge Certification I would like to wish all our UCWDC dance family a safe and  happy summer! While some of you are already dancing and getting some normalcy back in life, we understand many of you are still not dancing. We hope you will be soon!

Getting the Results, You Want on the Competition Floor! (Part 1)

The Power of Good Footwork and Posture

Footwork is the foundation of all good dancing! Please take the time to be sure your footwork is correct so that many other aspects of your dancing will have the possibility of being fabulous! As you move up through the various levels, judges will require greater consistency of footwork. Footwork includes how your strike the floor and transfer your weight. This differs from dance to dance and is dependent on the type of movement. Take the time to be sure you understand what the judges are looking for.

Proper posture is the base for all good things on and off the dance floor. On the dance floor, good posture projects a sense of confidence that can be visually seen. Good posture affords the dancer the  possibility of moving through space effortlessly provided other essential elements are present.

Good posture sets the tone for proper movement. Poise is the position of the body when still. It is easy to learn how to have proper posture in such a static position. Carriage of the body is the position of the body when moving across steps. During movement, the body transitions from one position to another to facilitate the desired direction or movement. Taking the time to be sure you carry your good posture throughout an entire sequence of movements is essential. Whether a newcomer or advanced dancer, improving one’s posture and maintaining it through movement should always be in the forefront of your practice and performance.

Please take time to practice your footwork and posture. Work with your teachers and coaches to help  you master these important elements. As you improve footwork and posture you will feel better when  you dance, your dancing will improve, and you will be giving the judges what they need to mark you well!

I would like to take this time to wish everyone great competitive success in 2021! If you have questions  or concerns, please reach out to me at judgecertification@ucwdc.org


Kind Regards,

Kathy St. Jean

UCWDC VP Judge Certification

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