Please send all questions and comments to JP Oster at jp.oster@ucwdc.org.

The ProAm Pro's top Points Champion winners will receive their beautiful presentation certificate and folder upon arrival at Worlds. The presentation ceremony for the two, most prestigious and elegant 2014 ProAm Points Award Trophies for the Top ProAm Pro Female and Pro Male Points Champions of all divisions combined of their students will be held during the contestant parade's closing celebration.

The Top Place Male and Female ProAm Pro's Points winners will also be eligible to purchase, wear and/or display a genuine Montana Silversmiths, Sterling Silver, Oval "UCWDC® 2014 PROAM PRO'S POINTS CHAMPION" buckle engraved with their title name which may be ordered right at Worlds. For all buckle questions, please contact Lynn Bartholomew at 717-763-4416. JLbartholomew@comcast.net

The presentation certificates award trophies for those winners who cannot be present in person at Worlds will be mailed out after Worlds if the winner first sends a request for that mail and provides their current mailing address, phone number and eMail address to jp.oster@ucwdc.org or the UCWDC® Office JLbartholomew@comcast.net

2014 UCWDC ProAm Pro's Points Championship points are earned for every dance completed by each of the Pro's student contestants at every UCWDC event around the world during the 2014 dance season (January 15th - December 25th). Points are calculated by awarding five (5) points for each division/dance completed and then adding additional points for each 1st - 5th dance placement attained in each of those division/dances, e.g., First - 5 points, Second - 4, Third - 3, Fourth - 2, Fifth - 1.

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Point Status
Name:NumberTotal Points
Shawn Swaithes:194162717
Donna Bonham Steinfeld:230772455
Brian Barakauskas:260322018
Steve Dunn:255301691
Chris Bailey:292991469
Jeremie Tridon:407861127
Lee Starr:189771126
Marc Davidson:422021075
Josh Morgenstein:1027611073
Dean Garrish:7042941
Mike Wagner:33166897
Audrey Gendre:7151853
Newell DeFreest:101443841
Ronnie DeBenedetta:33413816
Louis Schreiber:40930811
Richard Dugger:33429806
Bobby Pritchard:16022748
Lee Harpe:8354746
Vickie Rose:10068741
Ronnie Mullins:14113732
John Soares:18675596
Darren Paul:15261546
Shaun Parr:42035525
Tom Hyatt:40205494
Bernadette Carmichael:25687489
Jason Barnes:103409482
Sam Arvidson:25879451
Richard Tymko:20147436
Mike Spencer:18824433
Joe Moncada:104728428
Dale Strawser:19256420
Randy Deats:26623416
LaDonna Campbell:104469416
Roy Hoeben:102990407
Sheryl Forrester:6569400
Suzanne Mosley:42462400
Jason Turner:101449390
Emily Bailey:2277380
Rex Jones:102715377
Maryann Harvey:40721374
Marcy Harpe:101166366
Solomon Singer:41400362
Michael Zuspan:42734352
Rody Broussard:2471348
John Whipple:21255344
Steve Edwards:5758343
Raquel Williams:103989323
Francis Marchio:102495320
Aimee Allen:105009319
Sarah Berens:42787319
Lynae Jacob:9803306
Albert Tailleur:19515305
Sylvie Raymond:42203302
John Burns:2842295
Megan Anderson:100966293
Rob Glover:40248287
Aimee Gamble:101356280
Tracy Martin:103311280
Sue McCann:12860258
Michael Eads:25664256
David Miller:42690254
Anita Huffman-Strawser:19255247
Sam Wetzel:21219245
Carmen Mattei:42728242
Cindy Tymko:15069240
Rick Clark:103058235
David Appel:554223
Clive Stevens:42780217
Sherry Tovell:19944216
Helen Adams:40420213
Simen Aaslund:101400210
Colleen Foose:42382210
Bryan Senn:42785207
Cory Decuire:102141205
Helen Matthews:100417199
Linus Backstrom:100402195
Michele Adams:42054194
Jake Greene:105376188
Antoinette Santoro:41461183
James McLaughlan:102955180
Lee Easton:25668176
Traci Bell:15378175
Dale Tosczak:28572165
Melissa Jefferies:102163164
Joseph Lettig:105608160
Sherry Reynolds:15245159
Rob Tovell:19943153
Rachael Capodanno:103670153
Gretchen Smith:42389152
Brian Wong:24943147
Kathy St Jean:25650146
Dawn Garrish:1833140
Sossy Hyatt:41619134
Randy Jeffries:9889126
Christy Kam:104430125
Katie Boyle:40750119
Craig Johnson:42710116
Keith Armbruster:42725116
Damon D'Amico:31584113
Vickie Rose:105972110
Siobhan Dunn:25528105
Richard McMurrich:33623104
Elizabeth Williams:105240103
Kristy Watson:103152102
Ray Michiels:13476101
Sam Miller:13618100
Rachel Jones:3038396
Hyun Kim Bass:4223195
Daniel Harshberger:4074290
Mark Williams:10523990
Hope Jackson:10569690
Mona Brandt:2343280
Sue Cravalho:2586680
Rhonda Diamond:2876075
Matt Krabbe:2356675
Sloane Hansen:2473874
Robert Campos:3097672
Mal Zerden:2208771
Lonnie Mitchell:3093570
Alex Jota:10438070
Kevin Johnson:1006770
Don Leynes:1172063
Richard Mcmurrich:3362361
James McLauchlan:10295560
Roberta Thomas:462957
Marnie Mattei:4272950
Melissa Culbertson:4239350
Trey Jackson:10594849
Lisa D'Amico:4224948
Donna Caudill:333447
Emily Drinkall:4040247
Julie Hein:870546
Bob Wheatley:2123344
Richard Beltran:10591743
Emily Garrett:10241440
Ronald Putman:2881340
Don Slusher:1846440
Dee Soares:2181639
Rowdy Dufrene:552037
Denise Miller:1361937
Jamie Hoyt:10221633
Susan Robertson:2735132
Fabienne Henshall:4254030
Mary Manzella:10461628
Philip Fallin:10536926
Don McCarty:3237926
Roy Hadisubroto:2320525
Carpio Robles:1686021
Jill Christy:10578520
Todd Longsworth:1194320
Rachele Smith:4013620
Robin Cote:10405020
Sara Syron:3303117
Trish Connery:10096310