Please send all questions and comments to JP Oster at jp.oster@ucwdc.org. Please consult the UCWDC® Rules for official Worlds XXII© eligibility requirements.

The top Points Champion winners from each eligible** division will receive their beautiful presentation certificates and folders upon arrival at Worlds. The "2014 Points Champions" for each eligible division will all be individually honored and recognized during the Contestant Parade at Worlds XXIII. The official Presentation Ceremony for the two, most prestigious and elegant 2014 Ed Cagley Award Trophies for the Top Female and Top Male Points Champions of all divisions combined will be held during the parade's closing celebration.

1st Place Points winners** in each division are also eligible to purchase, wear and/or display a genuine Montana Silversmiths, Sterling Silver, Oval "2014 Points Champion" buckle engraved with their Division Name which they may order right at Worlds. For all buckle questions, please contact Lynn Bartholomew at 717-763-4416 or JLBartholomew@comcast.net.

The presentation certificates for those winners who cannot be present in person at Worlds can be mailed out after Worlds if the winner first sends a request for the certificate to be mailed and provides their current mailing address, phone number and eMail address to jp.oster@ucwdc.org or the UCWDC® Office jlbartholomew@comcast.net

2014 Championship Points are awarded to every contestant for each of their dances at every UCWDC event around the world during the 2014 dance season (January 15th - December 25th). Points are calculated by awarding five (5) points for each division/dance completed and then adding additional points for each 1st - 5th dance placement attained in each of those division/dances, e.g., First - 5 points, Second - 4, Third - 3, Fourth - 2, Fifth - 1.

** There is a 100 point minimum for each contestant to pre-qualify for any "Points Championship" award.

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Name:NumberTotal PointsEvent NameDivision
Alexis Garrish:101184560 MidAtlantic Dance Classic
Dance Mardi Gras
Big Apple Country Dance Festival
Halloween In Harrisburg

COUPLES TEEN II/IBig Apple Country Dance FestivalTommy Lewis and Alexis GarrishCompeted for Overall
 Dance Mardi GrasTommy Lewis and Alexis GarrishCompeted for Overall
 MidAtlantic Dance ClassicTommy Lewis and Alexis GarrishCompeted for Overall
Alexis Garrish is Eligible to Compete at Worlds XIX© in Division COUPLES TEEN II/I ()
Requirements: Dance at Events for Overalls
PROAM FEMALE TEEN INTERMEDIATEBig Apple Country Dance FestivalAlexis GarrishCompeted for Overall
 Dance Mardi GrasAlexis GarrishCompeted for Overall
 Halloween In HarrisburgAlexis GarrishCompeted for Overall
 MidAtlantic Dance ClassicAlexis GarrishCompeted for Overall
Alexis Garrish is Eligible to Compete at Worlds XIX© in Division PROAM FEMALE TEEN INTERMEDIATE (P)
Requirements: Dance at 3 Events for 1 Overalls