Associate Membership

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Associate Membership is available to anyone who loves country dancing and wants to join us in our mission to promote this lively, inclusive and family-fun DanceSport around the world.  Annual dues for Associate Members: Adults - 1 year $35, 2 years $65 or 3 years $90;  Juniors - 1 year $20, 2 years $45 or 3 years $67 (Juniors must still be under eighteen years of age on Decemeber 31st of the last year of a multiple year membership.)

Individuals who have never been a UCWDC Member (lifetime) before have two additional options:
1. If you only wish to compete at a single, local, UCWDC Event and have no desire to accrue Divisional Race Points or Worlds Eligibility Credits you may purchase a One Time, One Event Only Membership for $4.00. Please note, this membership type does not accrue Worlds Qualification Eligibility Points and cannot later be converted into one that does.
2. If you wish to begin acquiring Worlds Qualification Eligibility Points, and have never been a full member at anytime in the past, you may purchase the First Time Only, Full New Membership for $5.00 which is good for the remainder of this entire dance season (year) including Worlds. This membership may be renewed in future years at the regular annual dues rates above.

Our online registration makes it easy to become an Associate Member or Renew your membership.  Associate Membership is required for those who wish to compete in UCWDC Sanctioned competitions or at the World Championships.  Worlds Qualification Eligibilibty Points begin to accrue only after until your dues (and the dues of your ProAm Pro, if you have one) are current each year, e.g., if you compete at a UCWDC Event in March, but do not pay your dues until April, the March event cannot count towards Worlds Eligibility.

Since Worlds is managed on the annual Dance Season, no matter what date you pay your dues during the year, all Associate Memberships expire the following January 15th, right after the end of Worlds.  You cannot save money by waiting; you only lose value and run the risk of losing Worlds Elibility Points for yourself or, in case you are a Pro, all of your students.

Please note, your Date of Birth, a valid eMail address and at least one contact phone number are required for membership.  Our renewal software and your private record information is fully encrypted and completely secure.  Your record is accessable only to UCWDC Officials and to you by using your Username and Password.  It cannot be seen by the public.

YOU ALREADY HAVE A MEMBERSHIP RECORD IN OUR SYSTEM if you have ever competed in a UCWDC division at any Sanctioned Event since January 1, 2007,  even if you never Joined or paid dues. It was created so the POINTS Office could display your annual earned points.

PLEASE, DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER NEW RECORD! Duplicate records distort your hard earned Points and Worlds Eligibility!

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE, PLEASE click on the Blue and Yellow button below.  Then search for the last name of the person for whom you are registering (or their former last name if it has changed) to see if that person is already in our system.    If so, please click on the word RENEW at the left end of the last (bottom) record that has the correct name and member number and follow the directions on the screen.


Your recent membership history (multiple lines) will be displayed, oldest first.

To renew, Click RENEW at the left end of last line your name is on.  If the last line is White, it means the member is currently active and the renewal will apply to the NEXT (FUTURE) YEAR(S) beginning on January 16th.  Red means the membership has expired and a one (1) year renewal will apply to THIS (CURRENT) YEAR and expire this coming January 15th.

To renew your membership, you will need your Username and Password.  Need either? eMail your Address, Phone Number, eMail address, Date of Birth and Member Number (if known) and also your Former Name (if it has changed in the last five years or so) to We will send them to the eMail address you provide as son as we return to the office.

Once you are logged in correctly, begin the renewal (please do not skip this step->) by clicking Change Password/Edit Profile (right side of page).   After your profile is up to date, click [Save Profile], then scroll down four highlightred lines and click [Select Product] under ADD/RENEW SUBSCRIPTION

If you are renewing for someone else, you must first log in above with their Username and Password as if you were that person.   For multiple renewals, log in as the first person, complete that transaction, then log out and log back in again as the next person, completing each transaction one at a time.

If you have ever been a member and paid dues, it might be possible for you to retain your original Member Number.  To find out, click the button above and search for your last name.

Please use our secure our Online Registration system to pay with a Credit Card.  You will immediately receive both an eMailed Confirmation Payment Receipt and a Membership Verification page with your number and expiration date which you can print out.  You may use these documents at events to verify your membership status.  When registering for a UCWDC Event please put your Membership Number on the Event Registration Form.
If you do not receive your receipt and membership verification in just a few minutes, please immediately send an eMail message to the UCWDC Office, so your eMail address can be verified.  Also make sure your Internet Service Provider does not block PDF attachments.

Online registration is the way to go!!!  Safer and faster by a lot.  Mailing a paper form with a check is still an option, but please mail it in yourself.  Registering at a local UCWDC Event delays your membership much longer and is therefore not recommended.

Processing with a check takes a lot longer.  If you include a LEGIBLE eMail address, date of birth and a contact phone number on the form, you will receive your membership verification via eMail.  Otherwise it will be sent to you by snail mail.  There will be a delay of several weeks.  Need a form?  Request one from the UCWDC Office:

Still not sure what to do?  EMail your full name, mailing address, date of birth, eMail address and a phone number to and ask us for a set of our Step-By-Step JOIN or RENEW instructions.  Unless we are away (usually at an event). We’re standing by, ready and willing to answer your questions or help in any way we can.    Jeff & Lynn.

Competitors enjoy these Associate Membership services:

• Downloadable, printable copy of the current UCWDC Rules (Click here)
• Live, online tracking of World Championship Eligibility (Click here)
• Live, online tracking of Point Championship Rankings (Click here)
• Live, online tracking of graduation status (Coming soon)