New, Free UCWDC® Syllabus Videos

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New, Free UCWDC® Syllabus Videos

New, Free UCWDC® Syllabus Videos
The UCWDC® Directors and I are very proud to announce the creation of two (2) new, entry level divisions for Couples, ProAm and Line Dance and a complete, free, downloadable video teaching syllabus for all eight (8) Worlds Couples and ProAm dances. A UCWDC® Line Dance Video Dictionary of Steps and Choreographic Elements is also planned for release this year.

New 2009 UCWDC® Divisional Skill Level Structure
Line Dance Couples ProAm
Advanced I Advanced
Intermediate II Intermediate
Novice III Novice
Newcomer IV Newcomer
Starter B V Starter B
Starter A VI Starter A

Click here to download the Syllabus Videos

These new syllabi are intended to help all Country Western Dance enthusiasts, students and teachers learn to dance, or improve their skills in, and knowledge of all our Worlds dances. It is the first step in our Vision 2012 focused on turning all dance forms, including Line Dance and Country Western Dance into recognized Olympic Sports.

The entire UCWDC® is committed to helping every School, College and University around the world start or extend their physical education program by including Line Dance and Country Western Dance in their curricula by providing free video study aids as well as free dance instruction classes for their instructors.

If your computer is a PC, you will need an MP4 Player of some kind, such as Apple Quicktime, to view the video files. To get a free version of Quicktime, follow this link and download their free Windows player.

For faster viewing, you are also welcome to save the videos to your hard drive. Just Right Click on the video, select “Save Target As” and then find/select the directory on your computer where you want the syllabus video file saved.

I want to personally thank all those who made these videos possible. The three Masters Couples who volunteered to demonstrate the patterns for you: Rex & Rachel Jones, Albert & Antoinette Tailleur and Rowdy Dufrene & Maryanne Harvey. Those who helped create the syllabus: Jeff Bartholomew, Kathi Bittner, Sue Boyd, Mark Bradburn, Mona Brandt, Melissa Culbertson, Dave Getty, Kelly Gellette, Rachel Jones, Rex Jones, Judy McDonald, Clive Stevens, Brigitte Zerah and myself. The UCWDC® members who helped direct this video: Jeff Bartholomew (thanks for your advice, too!), Kathi Bittner, and Kelly Gellette. And Rex and Rachel Jones for their time, editing expertise, and hospitality. Rex edited this video for you on his computer; there was so much video he had to take everything else off to make it fit! Thanks, Rex!

Finally, I thank all the Rules Committee members for their continuing work: Sam Arvidson, Jeff Bartholomew, Kathi Bittner, Sue Boyd, Mona Brandt, Barry Durand, Dave Getty, Tony Lee, Judy McDonald, J.P. Oster, and Bill Robinson.

I hope you notice we’ve been paying attention to widely differing requests. We listen to each of you and carefully discuss each suggestion, continually working to improve our sport and attract new people to our Country Western dance family. We hope you’ll share this syllabus with friends who have never experienced Country Western Dance. Click on the link to the 2009 Rules Overview to see a list of rules changes and clarifications, and the syllabus outline.

Have a fabulous 2009 Dance Season, and, as always, have fun dancing!

Beth Emerson
UCWDC® Vice President, Rules

P.S. Click the link to download each syllabus. Be patient, they’re large files.

The UCWDC® owns and protects the copyrights to every pattern in the syllabus videos. However, anyone who acknowledges and credits the UCWDC® for their use, is welcome to download and use these materials free of charge in order to promote good, authentic American Style Country Western Dance and Line Dance around the world. Volunteers to help teach Educator Dance Classes at nearby schools are most welcome. Apply to the UCWDC® Office.

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