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Line Dance Competition Dances

Posted on July 3rd, 2013 by admin


Latest Update 24 Mar,  2015

Welcome to another year of competition!

For qualification criteria for each division please refer to the official UCWDC rules.

About the Step Sheets:

  • The step descriptions are downloadable in Acrobat (pdf) format.
  • For clarification, the direction of a step, weight change or the direction a dancer faces may be defined by points of the clock.
  • Forward shall be denoted as 12:00; Right shall be denoted as 3:00; Back shall be denoted as 6:00; and Left shall be denoted as 9:00.
  • Diagonal directions of travel shall be denoted around the clock as 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, and 10:30, respectively.
  • The amount of rotation for pivots and turns is determined from the amount of change in clock direction and refers to the rotation of the dancer’s footwork, but does not necessarily indicate the amount of body rotation, or the body’s “facing” contra or open alignment while stepping.
  • Used in conjunction with the step sheets, the videos are designed to aid in the learning of the vanilla patterns for the dances. If there is a discrepancy between the dance script and the video, please contact Brigitte Zerah.
  • Several of the video files are large and may take a minute or two to load, please be patient. You may be better of right-clicking and saving it locally to view.

Date of Use is posted next to the new dances.

Usage dates for new dances are listed in the table below. For all dances and Showcase songs, there is a 15-day “window” before or after the date where Event Directors may choose to use either the “old” or “new (next)” released dance or song. Please contact the Event Director for specific titles to be used at their event.

Line Dance Showcase Music downloads are included on this page, they can be found here.

If you have comments or suggestions for future dances, please contact me.Thanks, and have a great competitive year!

Brigitte Zerah
Line Dance Chairperson

Pulse - current Good Rockin’ Tonight Audrey Gendre & Jeremie Tridon Video
Cuban - current Love is My Drug Emily Drinkall Video
Cuban - date of usage Apr 16, 2015 Roller Coaster Nicola Lafferty Video
Street (Funky) - Jr’s & Open - current Play Hard (rev April 2014)
Shane McKeever Video
Street (Funky) - Jr’s & Open - date of usage May 28, 2015 That Girl Roy Hadisubroto, Raymond Sarlemijn, Michel Platje Video
Stage (Novelty) - Age Division - current Imelda’s Way Adrian Churm Video
Stage (Novelty) - Age Division - date of usage May 28, 2015 Feeling Hot Rachael McEnaney Video
Rise & Fall - current Gretchen’s Waltz Emily Drinkall Video
Smooth - current
Brighter than the Sun Danielle Rowe Video
Pulse - date of usage Apr 16, 2015 That Ol’ Truck Anita Zwiers & Michel Platje Video
Cuban - current Sweet Tasty Cha Jeremie Tridon Video
Cuban - date of usage May 28, 2015 Cha Cha With My Heart EWS Winson Video
Street  - current Trespassing Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey Video
Street - date of usage Jul 2, 2015 Getting Low Barbara Seelt Video
Stage - current Charleston at the Ritz Roz Chaplin & Colin B Smith Video
Stage - date of usage Jul 2, 2015 Copacabana Jennifer Choo & Philip Sobrielo Video
Rise & Fall - current It’s All in the Game Louis van Hattem Video
Pulse -  current Voodoo Jive Adrian Churm Video
Pulse - date of usage Apr 16, 2015 A Little Country Clive Stevens Part A-B
Part C-Tag
Smooth - current Wrong Side Slide Jill Babinec & Jo Thompson-Szymanski Video
Smooth - date of usage May 28, 2015 If I Were You Giovanni Coenmans Video
Cuban - current Indian Summer Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse Video
Cuban - date of usage Jul 2, 2015 Ain’t Wot You Do Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Video
Street  - current Shakin’ My Head Guyton Mundy & Chris Atkinson Video
Stage - current The Great Gatsby Laura Carvill Video
Rise & Fall - current Still Danielle Daley Video
Pulse - current
Love the One You’re With Nicola Lafferty Video
Pulse - date of usage Apr 16, 2015
Something Goin’ on Here - revised Mar 15 Shaun Parr & Mallaurie Gysels Video
Smooth - current Treasure Craig Bennett & Linda McCormack Video
Smooth - date of usage May 28, 2015 All of Me Monique Rouleau & Dave Getty Video
Cuban - current Can’t Rely on You Darren Bailey, Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Hadisubroto Video
Cuban - Date of Usage Jul 2, 2015 Rather Be Jerémie Tridon Video
Street - current Let’s Go Shane McKeever Part A
Part B
Part C
Stage - current Sing, Sing, Sing Marlon Ronkes Video
Video w/music
Dance A - current Man in the Mirror Rachel McEnaney & Simon Ward Video
Dance A - date of usage Apr 16, 2015 At This Moment Sam Arvidson Video
Dance B - current Good Times Sam Arvidson Video
Video - Bridge Counts
Dance A - current Elderberry Boogie Lee Easton Video
Dance A - date of usage Apr 23, 2015 Il Mondo Sam Arvidson Video
Dance B  - (replaces Street) - current Hot in Here Nicola, Louie, Jerémie & Brigitte Part A
Part B
Part C



All recorded music is protected by US and other patent and copyright laws. It is unfair and illegal to copy or use music for which the authors have not been compensated for their intellectual property.
UCWDC Showcase, Masters, SuperStars, Crown and RisingStars Division competition dance routines are required to be choreographed to specific songs or music medleys. In order to enhance the duration, showmanship and musicality of those competition dance performances, Special Cut competition music was created by the United Country Western Dance Council Music Committee. All of the music used in the creation of the Special Cut competition music was assembled and edited by the committee from legally obtained sources.

Before downloading and opening the file and using this Special Cut track of music for the creation of dance choreography, practice, competition, or any other purpose, the downloader must expressly agree that he or she understands his or her obligation under US and other patent and copyright laws to first legally obtain and purchase, from any music track provider of their choice, the original track(s) or CD(s) that were used in the creation of the Special Cut needed for dance competition.

By downloading this Special Cut, the downloader stipulates to the United Country Western Dance Council®, with intent to be legally bound, that he or she is already the owner of a legally obtained copy of all of the original source music used in its creation and further indemnifies the UCWDC against all blame and responsibility for any failure on the part of the downloader to obtain and use legally purchased music.

If the downloader prefers to edit and cut his or her own practice music from his or her personal copy of the original track(s), the UCWDC will gladly provide a compilation of the edits and cuts the dancer needs to make the tune usable as a Showcase competition number.

Contact Info : Line Dance Chairperson -Brigitte Zerah.

You will need either Acrobat Reader or the Acrobat “Plug-in” for your browser software.
Go to Adobe Systems for the free reader.
©1997 - 2015 United Country Western Dance Council® All rights reserved

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