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Showcase Music

Posted on February 26th, 2010 by linedance

The current and pending Showcase Music is listed below.

Please visit the Music Download page for additional information on how to obtain a legal copy of the music.

Also, please visit the Rules links for information on the perpetual release and usage schedule.

Showcase ProAm Music

  • ProAm Triple Two-Right About Now-Ty Herndon - Special Edit
  • ProAm Polka - Go Time - Special Edit
  • ProAm Nightclub-Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - Special Edit
  • ProAm Cha Cha-Couldn't Last A Moment - Special Edit
  • ProAm Waltz-How Does It Feel To Be Free - Special Edit
  • ProAm Two Step-She's Got The Magic - Special Edit
  • ProAm East Coast Swing-I Ain't Never-Pam Tillis - Special Edit
  • ProAm West Coast Swing-Sarah - Special Edit

Pending ProAm Music
  • ProAm Cha Cha-Respect - Usage date 5/15/2014 thru 5/15/2016
  • Revised Showcase Music Schedule!! - NEW AND IMPROVED MUSIC SCHEDULE!!

Showcase Couples Music
  • Couples Triple Two-Mine All Mine-Chuck Wicks - Special Edit
  • Couples Polka - Spitfire - Special Edit
  • Couples Nightclub-Footprints In The Sand - Special Edit
  • Couples Cha Cha-Wanted - Special Edit
  • Couples Waltz-The Color Of Roses - Special Edit
  • Couples Two Step-Someday My Prince Will Come - Special Edit
  • Couples East Coast Swing-Betty's Takin' Judo-Jeff Carson - Special Edit
  • Couples West Coast Swing-Overnight - Special Edit

Pending Couples Music
  • Couples Cha Cha-Mustang Sally - Usage Dates 5/15/2014 thru 5/15/2016
  • Revised Showcase Music Schedule!! - NEW AND IMPROVED MUSIC SCHEDULE!!

Showcase Team Music
  • 2013 Showcase Team Music "Marry You" - Special Edit

Showcase Line Dance Music
  • Pulse Showcase-Can I Keep 'er-Brent Howard - Special Edit
  • Cuban Showcase-Summertime-Billy Stewart - Special Edit
  • Rise & Fall Showcase - Celebrate Me Home - Williams Riley - Special Edit
  • Smooth Showcase-Female Edit-The Dance-Mindy McCready - Special Edit
  • Smooth Showcase-Male Edit-The Dance-Garth Brooks - Special Edit
  • Stage Showcase-Female Edit-Nowadays-Chicago Cast - Formerly known as "Novelty" - Special Edit
  • Stage Showcase-Male Edit-Just One of Those Things-John Borrowman - Formerly known as "Novelty" - Special Edit
  • Street Showcase-Nothing On You-B.O.B. & Bruno Mars - Formerly known as "FUNKY" - Special Edit

Pending Showcase Line Dance Music
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