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2009 Eligibility Credentials for Worlds XVIII© Nashville

Posted on January 21st, 2009 by admin

Time flies and the UCWDC® is already starting our twenty-first year. People from all over the world are planning for this dance season and also for Worlds XVIII©, January 4-10, 2010 in Nashville. One thing everyone needs to plan ahead for is renewing your Associate Membership Number before you compete at any event you wish to count toward your Worlds XVIII© requirement. (n.b., This includes all Pros as well. Am’s, is your Pro up to date?)

Except for Country Club Challenge, Showtime, Newcomers, Couples Divisions VI, V and IV (who are still all required to be paid up members before competing at their last, Worlds Qualifying Event,) . . . any event you compete in before you pay your dues will not count as a Worlds pre-requisite, e.g., If you dance at a UCWDC event in April 2009, but do not pay your Associate Membership dues until May, the April event will not count toward Worlds XVIII©.

As you may already know, this has been a published rule in the UCWDC Rules Book for many, many years. But, now that we have a permanent member tracking system in place, this year the rule will be monitored very closely. If you find any discrepancy in your Points, Worlds Eligibility or Graduation records, please notify JP Oster, UCWDC Points Eligibility and Graduation Chair via eMail so he can review and update your records.

Fair is fair!

P.S. Each member, and Team or Troupe, is responsible for keeping their own membership record active and accurate. If your eMail address changes, you must immediately update your own profile or notify the Associate Membership Office; we will gladly do it for you.
Tip - You can save money by joining or renewing for multiple years.

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