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Competition Music

Greetings UCWDC members!

The UCWDC Classic Pro-Am and Couples Music document (link below) is a compilation of the current competition music that may be used at our next UCWDC World's Championship.

Please note:

1 - The Pro Am and Couples Classic music lists will be updated three times a year. Updated lists will be posted April, July and October. Classic music must be posted by October to be eligible to use the following UCWDC World's Championships.

2 - BPM/Tempo listed in this music file is the approximate speed for this song. When a song is used for multiple divisions, the bpm is adjusted appropriately to reflect the level of the division.

3 - The music listed in this file may have been edited or bpm changed from the original recording.

Click on the link below to view related document (Updated November 7, 2016):
UCWDC Classic Pro-Am and Couples Music

Any concerns or suggestions with regard to the removal of any listed competition music will be reviewed by the music committee. 

New competition music suggestions are always appreciated. Suggestions may be sent to:

Glenn Cravalho
Mona Broussard
Dave Muzii

See You on the Dance Floor,
The UCWDC Music Committee